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Equivalent to 120 surgical masks

BIOSILVER®’s special solution turns any absorbent surface into a biological barrier against any known viruses, bacteria and fungi.
Bioactive Silver Ions destroy the glycoprotein envelope/structure of any viruses - preventing them from connecting with your host cells & attack your immune system.

Create your own renewable antiviral mask by using BIOSILVER® MaskMaker Spray.


An ordinary mask stops only drops, that are in the air. If they contain a virus, then together they settle on the mask. In addition, a moist and warm environment is convenient for the reproduction of bacteria. Due to the properties of BIOSILVER, viruses and bacteria are destroyed on an impregnated mask, which makes the air totally safe.

INSTRUCTION FOR USE: Before spraying, make sure the surface to be coated is clean and free of any fat or grime. Spray evenly so that about 8-10 clicks cover 200 cm2 of surface to be sanitized. Leave for 1-2 hours to dry or use a hairdryer. 

MaskMaker Spray contains No alcohol or chlorine based compounds. It contains natural brown coloring agents that can permanently color porous surfaces or clothing.

BIOSILVER® MaskMaker Spray is a product of modern nanotechnology. Bioactive silver particles developed in our laboratories have taken the antibacterial properties of silver inherent in nature to a new level.


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